Thursday, April 2, 2009

Komen Anda-semua

Untuk post kali nie..
Kami nak tunjukkan komen-komen pengunjung blog kami..
Kami nak 'post' komen-komen tersebut..boleh 'share' dengan anda-semua.. :)
Komen-komen dari anda-semua membuktikan bahawa anda-semua
Sememangnya prihatin dengan topik kajian kami..
Jom kita tengok pendapat / komen dari bloggers

Post : 'Picture Of Disgusting And Smelly Toilet'

  1. attitude of our people pun 1 thing.. dah masuk toilet, tak reti lah nak jirus.. tak flush tu 1 hal..
  2. And smelly..yarks!!So how to make its better?Tell the management?

Post : Have you ever use this public toilet??..

  1. hai mimi from astro awani...there is a live show in astro awani that will discussing the issue on 'public toilet' i think i can call u to discuss about the issue regarding public toilet and maybe get i can some information from u to be fit in that live show...if u don't mind, can i have your contact number or email so that we can discuss things further...hope to hear from u soon...this is my email :
  2. salam, mostly public toilet in malaysia are so mendukacitakan.. i dont know why people tak rasa bersalah atau malu untuk tinggalkan dia punya 'bahan buangan' dan jadi tontonan pada orang lain. everything start from home.. so, educate your kids to 'clear their barang' before leave the toilet.:D
  3. toilet yang kat KLCC yang RM2 tu dah masuk?

Post : Result of Clean & Clear Survey

  1. your blog have been selected to be display and view during the show U-WARTAWAN at ASTRO AWANI on Monday 16th March.

Post : How many star is it?????

  1. hi..Namyz here...I agree with u..i dont know why people still throw the tissue anywhere in the toilet even there have a lazy??so lazy rite??who is the girl on that picture?model of toilet??hehehe..
  2. i think, it's not because of lazy.. but the perception... the perception that 'ade org leh bersihkan lepas ni'.. so, that's why this happen.. right?..'s not the model of toilet.. maybe if that is the toilet at hotel, i'am ready to be a model.. u know why?.. because everyone know how the toilet at hotel.. very clean and clear.. same like out team..hahahah
  3. Yeah..maybe...we have cleaner for clean the toilet..if toilet alwiz clean there have no job for the cleaner rite??(hehe..jokes je..)i think thats point is the answer why our public toilet alwiz dirty..the perception of all malaysian are same!Do something to change the or the management are wrong?
  4. actually, there is no the right or wrong person.. in addition to change, everyone must cooperate and learn how to behave in the future.. bukannya bila nampak toilet kotor, makin buat kotor lagi... kan.. management ade rule sendiri.. of course the rule to make sure their building will give the good services to their consumer and client.. maybe the rule is not enough..

.:. sori..need to go be continue :) .:.

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