Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How many star is it?????

Hi !!!.. welcome back...
We are here to share with you what we get from our research of public toilet...
Last week, for the whole day, our group go around Penang to search and finding the information for this blog...
Let me share with you about the public toilet at Hospital Pulau Pinang.
Fuhh, it's a long journey to be there..
so, let's take a look at this picture we snap.....

This is the view in front of the Hospital Pulau Pinang..
Many people there...


This is the icon of this public toilet to show the way to get in the toilet..
Is it cute?... While we see it, we smile to each other..
because this is our first time to see this icon..


This is the flush toilet... But did you see what is inside?..
Tissue... always like that!!!!!!.. wherever and whenever always this tissue that we see..
Actually, there is the dustbin outside... the green dustbin..
but why this things still happen.. it's so upset...


Look at that, the green dustbin...
so shame if we don't know how to use the right things for the right place..
This is the view of the waiting side to use the toilet..
There's the sink, hand dryer and the soap...


Look at that, there's complete of tissue to use inside the toilet..
But why after using it, they can't think to throw it in the right place?...
if there is no tissue, people complain.. but when there is a lot of tissue to use, people can't use their mind to think about it... think about it..


look at this... tissue... it's there for our own good.. so, be more responsible and using it by our mind...if not, what for it is there for you all!!!!!!!


For me, i give 'dirty' to this public toilet.. So, what's your opinion???
Please.. drop and leave your comment here.. do visiting us more often.. we are giving to you the information about the act, problem of the societies.. especially, the public toilet..
Please think with your mind.. live with CLEAN, FRESH, AND HEALTHY life..
CHOICE IS YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hani..


  1. hi..
    Namyz here...
    I agree with u..
    i dont know why people still throw the tissue anywhere in the toilet even there have a dustbin..
    so lazy??so lazy rite??
    who is the girl on that picture?
    model of toilet??hehehe..

  2. i think, it's not because of lazy.. but the perception... the perception that 'ade org leh bersihkan lepas ni'.. so, that's why this happen.. right?..'s not the model of toilet.. maybe if that is the toilet at hotel, i'am ready to be a model.. u know why?.. because everyone know how the toilet at hotel.. very clean and clear.. same like out team..hahahah

  3. Yeah..maybe...
    we have cleaner for clean the toilet..
    if toilet alwiz clean there have no job for the cleaner rite??(hehe..jokes je..)
    i think thats point is the answer why our public toilet alwiz dirty..
    the perception of all malaysian are same!
    Do something to change the perception..
    so..people or the management are wrong?

  4. actually, there is no the right or wrong person.. in addition to change, everyone must cooperate and learn how to behave in the future.. bukannya bila nampak toilet kotor, makin buat kotor lagi... kan.. management ade rule sendiri.. of course the rule to make sure their building will give the good services to their consumer and client.. maybe the rule is not enough..