Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you ever use this public toilet??..

This is the post about the public toilet in Tesco..

It's located near USM at Sungai Dua, Pulau Pinang..
We snap this picture when we are going back from our journey to take the picture of Public Toilet around Penang...

So, let's take a look at this picture above..

The female icon when we enter the toilet.. There is also the sign of 'No Smoking'.

Make sure you don't smoking inside the public toilet.


This is the view inside of the female toilet.. looks like it's clean and you can see the wash soap.. It's make it is a comfortable public toilet.. But let's check with other picture above...
Maybe you all have your own opinion about this public toilet...


It's looks like it is clean, but not as clean as clean & clear..

Am I right?.. So, But, it also qualified to be the best public toilet or the 'ok' public toilet in our research..


There is something wrong on that thing.. You can see?... No tissue paper.. maybe it's out of order..


Make sure you throw your own rubbish, by yourself...

That is the use of the dustbin.. REMEMBER!!!!!!!.......


So, let's give them the right 'star'.... is it the best toilet from the best?.. Or, it's just something wrong about it.. Or, all of you, have your own problem with this public toilet?... Share with us... Lets us create a community to improve and create the new impact...



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  2. hai there...
    im mimi from astro awani...
    there is a live show in astro awani that will discussing the issue on 'public toilet'...
    so i think i can call u to discuss about the issue regarding public toilet and maybe get i can some information from u to be fit in that live show...
    if u don't mind, can i have your contact number or email so that we can discuss things further...

    hope to hear from u soon...
    this is my email :

  3. To Mimi Marsha..
    Sorry..we cannot catch up your email..
    Its bounce back..
    We fail to contact you.

  4. salam,
    mostly public toilet in malaysia are so mendukacitakan.. i dont know why people tak rasa bersalah atau malu untuk tinggalkan dia punya 'bahan buangan' dan jadi tontonan pada orang lain.
    everything start from home.. so, educate your kids to 'clear their barang' before leave the toilet. :D

  5. toilet yang kat KLCC yang RM2 tu dah masuk?

  6. ouh im sorry...
    that was some typing error.....
    this is my email :
    or u can send to
    we appriciate if u can respond a.s.a.p.....
    mimi marsha,