Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you ever use this public toilet??..

This is the post about the public toilet in Tesco..

It's located near USM at Sungai Dua, Pulau Pinang..
We snap this picture when we are going back from our journey to take the picture of Public Toilet around Penang...

So, let's take a look at this picture above..

The female icon when we enter the toilet.. There is also the sign of 'No Smoking'.

Make sure you don't smoking inside the public toilet.


This is the view inside of the female toilet.. looks like it's clean and you can see the wash soap.. It's make it is a comfortable public toilet.. But let's check with other picture above...
Maybe you all have your own opinion about this public toilet...


It's looks like it is clean, but not as clean as clean & clear..

Am I right?.. So, But, it also qualified to be the best public toilet or the 'ok' public toilet in our research..


There is something wrong on that thing.. You can see?... No tissue paper.. maybe it's out of order..


Make sure you throw your own rubbish, by yourself...

That is the use of the dustbin.. REMEMBER!!!!!!!.......


So, let's give them the right 'star'.... is it the best toilet from the best?.. Or, it's just something wrong about it.. Or, all of you, have your own problem with this public toilet?... Share with us... Lets us create a community to improve and create the new impact...


Friday, February 20, 2009

Result of Clean & Clear Survey

First of all, we would like to thank all of you that voting in our survey section that is on the question that ...


After 3 weeks the survey appear, this is the results :
** 51 % of the voters are agree that public toilet in Malaysia is dirty
** 43% of the voters agree that public toilet in Malaysia is very dirty
**6% of the voters agree that public toilet in Malaysia is not so dirty

This results show that it's really hard to find the really good toilet with the good services in Malaysia.There is no one of the voters says that public toilet in Malaysia is clean & clear..
So, everything is on our hand.. we can change from the bad side to the positive side..
it's all the choices is yours.... you all made the decision!!!!!!.............
stay with us for more information...!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How many star is it?????

Hi !!!.. welcome back...
We are here to share with you what we get from our research of public toilet...
Last week, for the whole day, our group go around Penang to search and finding the information for this blog...
Let me share with you about the public toilet at Hospital Pulau Pinang.
Fuhh, it's a long journey to be there..
so, let's take a look at this picture we snap.....

This is the view in front of the Hospital Pulau Pinang..
Many people there...


This is the icon of this public toilet to show the way to get in the toilet..
Is it cute?... While we see it, we smile to each other..
because this is our first time to see this icon..


This is the flush toilet... But did you see what is inside?..
Tissue... always like that!!!!!!.. wherever and whenever always this tissue that we see..
Actually, there is the dustbin outside... the green dustbin..
but why this things still happen.. it's so upset...


Look at that, the green dustbin...
so shame if we don't know how to use the right things for the right place..
This is the view of the waiting side to use the toilet..
There's the sink, hand dryer and the soap...


Look at that, there's complete of tissue to use inside the toilet..
But why after using it, they can't think to throw it in the right place?...
if there is no tissue, people complain.. but when there is a lot of tissue to use, people can't use their mind to think about it... think about it..


look at this... tissue... it's there for our own good.. so, be more responsible and using it by our mind...if not, what for it is there for you all!!!!!!!


For me, i give 'dirty' to this public toilet.. So, what's your opinion???
Please.. drop and leave your comment here.. do visiting us more often.. we are giving to you the information about the act, problem of the societies.. especially, the public toilet..
Please think with your mind.. live with CLEAN, FRESH, AND HEALTHY life..
CHOICE IS YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hani..

WelCoMe BacK with Clean & Clear...

Hi there!!!!!....
wait for our new post....
Last week, three of us go around Penang ( just around this Pulau) to find and snap the picture of public toilet and post it up in this blog....'s really wonderful and challenging journey... ( because tak tau jalan kat Penang ni, main redah je..)
With 1 rent car, we try to stop wherever there is commercial building..
in addition to get picture of the public toilet, we also can release our tension when we can get together to certain place..
we go in the morning, and going back after sun goes down..
and the moon were ready to wake up..
picture three of us also there, to be a memory of us...
it's was a happy day with new spirit!!!!!!!..
many place we go, many post we can make it..
we will share many types of public toilet in Penang...
Hopefully there's many information to share with all....
our finding and research are not stop like that....
more and more surprise will come to you....

see you all soon.. have a nice day with clean & clear life....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

THIS STORIES>>> "kisah hajat yang hampir terbantut..."

First of all we appologies because this story in malay language.. This is because it be more interested and fun in malay.. im very sorry...
Kisah ini berlaku di Hutan Lipur Bukit Hijau, Kedah. That time, aku and my member baru sampai kat air terjun yang paling atas tu..
Fuh, tengok tandas dari luar memang cantik.. cuma sedikit kotor dengan dedaunan kering (biasa la kan dlm hutan).. Mungkin difikiran kita semua, nampak cantik di luar mesti di dalam pun cantik gak kan?? Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang.. tandas ada, cantik lak tu...tapi kenapa tidak boleh masuk??? Pintunya terkunci, siap bermangga lagii.. Terfikir gak, ia dibuat untuk perhiasan je ke...
Kesian dekat sorang mak cik tu, anaknya yang masih kecil menanggung derita (terpaksa menahan diri untuk 'melepas'). terpaksa la melepaskan hajat di tandas yang di bawah dan mengambil masa untuk turun... (i hope this child not 'melepas' kat mana-mana la0.
Kami pulak tidak dapat melepas hajat gak tapi hajat untuk menukar pakaian di situ le...
Mengapa tandas tersebut dikunci??Hanya sebagai hiasan??atau Ianya belum siap lagi??or just nak semakkan kawasan tersebut je???
Pihak yang terbabit tak 'turun padang ke'?? terlepas pandang hal ini???
"Tepuk dada tanya pihak yang bertanggungjawab...."

Friday, February 6, 2009

World Toilet Organization

New info....
Here we want to share about 1 blog, there is World Toilet Organization that gives us many information and resources about toilet in the world...
This blog show us the timeline of begining of toilet in the world. It's including the toilet link all around the world..
So, come and join us to know more info about toilet...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many Star??

Hello..Welcome back

First of all, i want to show a picture....

Did you know where is it??

Yes!!That is Queensbay Mall at Penang. A Shopping Mall for those like shopping.

From outside, we can see or say it as a 4 star Mall

But how about inside?Especially its toilet??(our target..)

Lets check!!

~ Toilet’s Icon ~

There have complete service for user..

Flush Toilet - Sanitact Bin


- Hand drying – Toilet Tissue - Rubbish Bin


Washer soap – Wash Basin - Mirror


There have two washer soap and sign board ‘ No Smoking’

For your information, no need to pay to use it!!

So, what do you think??

How much Star should we give to it??
Choice is yours!!!!
Posted by Akmal

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'View of Toilet at Terminal Bus Station'

This is the way to go toilet at the 'Terminal Bus Station' in Batu Pahat, Johor. It's located upstair the bus station.
look at this picture... is it scary to walk alone just because to use the toilet??..
think of it...
Look at this picture above... is it bad or not so bad?...
do you think, how many star is it?

this sink is not available to use.... broken... its also not nice to see..
for me, its not white and clean as is it... it's dusty!!!!!!!!! should we rate it?.... i thinks i will rate it as '0.5 star or 0 star as a bad toilet'...!!!!!!
You know what? we have to pay at least 30sen per entry.. it cost a lot... but why it's still not clean & clear.. right???i think, there's something wrong about the management of it.. this building were there since 10 years ago... can you imagine that the toilet were been use until now, without any renovation to improve the services for public..

Posted by Hani... ( capture this picture when i'm on my way back to Penang from my hometown)