Thursday, February 5, 2009

How many Star??

Hello..Welcome back

First of all, i want to show a picture....

Did you know where is it??

Yes!!That is Queensbay Mall at Penang. A Shopping Mall for those like shopping.

From outside, we can see or say it as a 4 star Mall

But how about inside?Especially its toilet??(our target..)

Lets check!!

~ Toilet’s Icon ~

There have complete service for user..

Flush Toilet - Sanitact Bin


- Hand drying – Toilet Tissue - Rubbish Bin


Washer soap – Wash Basin - Mirror


There have two washer soap and sign board ‘ No Smoking’

For your information, no need to pay to use it!!

So, what do you think??

How much Star should we give to it??
Choice is yours!!!!
Posted by Akmal


  1. i think this toilet it ok, clean but not much clean.. why?? u all think.. n then this toilet almost not have tissue...i don't know why...maybe tissue not important or it finish in market..

  2. looks okay tapi wire hose tu letak kat bawah.. yucckyy.. geli sikit.. tapi not that bad.. boleh la.. 3* ;)

  3. i used to go window shopping here in Queensbay mall n for me i give A to their toilet. each floor hv toilets n its clean n convenient. meet their status as 4 star megamall rite?

  4. yap...queensbay mall toilet's are known as a high class toilet according to their shopping mall... it's looks like it is the best ever toilet as same as in the gurney plaza toilet..

  5. sometimes i was wondering why the high class toilet has a dirty problem.. sometimes the toilet is nice but it's also have the rubbish outside the basket... i wonder why....

  6. 1) i suka ini toilet di Queens sebab besar. 5 bintang.

    2) kebersihan 3 bintang

    3) markah extra sebab ada sink untuk kids, and kalau p kat women toilet, ada toilet yang untuk toilet bowl for mommy and kids...memang bagus la idea tu....