Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'View of Toilet at Terminal Bus Station'

This is the way to go toilet at the 'Terminal Bus Station' in Batu Pahat, Johor. It's located upstair the bus station.
look at this picture... is it scary to walk alone just because to use the toilet??..
think of it...
Look at this picture above... is it bad or not so bad?...
do you think, how many star is it?

this sink is not available to use.... broken... its also not nice to see..
for me, its not white and clean as is it... it's dusty!!!!!!!!! should we rate it?.... i thinks i will rate it as '0.5 star or 0 star as a bad toilet'...!!!!!!
You know what? we have to pay at least 30sen per entry.. it cost a lot... but why it's still not clean & clear.. right???i think, there's something wrong about the management of it.. this building were there since 10 years ago... can you imagine that the toilet were been use until now, without any renovation to improve the services for public..

Posted by Hani... ( capture this picture when i'm on my way back to Penang from my hometown)


  1. i think many toilet at terminal bus station are too bad.. i use only when i need it... smelly you know...

  2. yes...i have to pay everytime when i use it... it cost maximum until 30sen... it's not fair!! i pay to use the best servise.. am i right???

  3.'s right... it's happen anywhere.. sometimes, in a big city, everytime we use, we must to paid it.. even the service its not as good as the price....

  4. we should be more responsible to our toilet....healthy life start with toilet
    wake up..malasyian

  5. yup....everyone should support & take their own responsibility to change the mindset of us. lets us together to take this responsibility to rebuild our own concept of clean and clear about our toilet..

  6. I think malaysians are brilliant and we do know what's the best for us and how to take good care of the toilet... it's just that we are lazy to act and we are not civilize enough....

    Let's together help to reconstrust Malaysians....

    Taking care of the toilet is for the benefit for everyone and not for a particlar party only.... :)


  7. yeah.. im very sad n dissapointed about our public toilet in malaysia too.. im very fed up to use some toilet that very dirty,smelly n sometime hav some faeces in toilet bowl..hehe sori bout it..i cant giv any star 4 this toilet cause its so disgusting and not comfortable when we use it..

    hope, we as malaysians should be responsible n taking care 4 our public toilet ..

    cleanNclear is one of the way for ISLAMIC LIFE !!! -tizana-

  8. yes, we part of it, its also one way to live in CLEAN,FRESH & HEALTHY life.....

  9. sometimes, it show a big mistake when this small perception and act of society effected to whatever that has happen to our public toilet... it's also give a negatives perspective of Malaysian people.. Although we know that many country also having this big matter and need a solution to it.

  10. yucky!! I would give no star.. it's bad.. some more we have to pay.. apa lah punya management kan..

  11. Sebagai pengguna, setiap daripada kita juga perlu membantu menjaga kebersihan tandas kerana kebersihan adalah separuh daripada iman. (",)

  12. Dalam usaha memelihara kebersihan tandas awam, aspek budaya pengguna tandas awamlah yang merupakan faktor paling rumit untuk diubah dan ditangani. Ini kerana ianya melibatkan perubahan “ mind set” dan sikap orang ramai.
    so. how to solve this problem...?

  13. yes..we agree!!the user is the important role..they should be responsible after using public toilet..

  14. actually, there are many solution for this problem... each individu in this society must participate and show their concerned to make sure all the solution will give a best result.. it's only only to give and share the solution... but the main point is to learn, behave and react to make a better change..... because not every people know and understand what is the best from the best..